What Is SEO Hosting And Can It Improve Your Website?

The basics of Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, are already well understood and widely utilized on thousands of websites: include keywords and phrases within the copy of your website that are searched most often and thus more people will organically visit your website.

But more and more frequently, with thousands and thousands of website utilizing the same tactics to be ranked higher on a variety of search engines, this is not always enough. That is why SEO hosting companies have grown in popularity and have begun to show some serious promise for those who are maintaining a website in hopes of increasing their overall sales. SEO hosting offers some of the older methods for increasing traffic to your website as well as some new ones.

  1. First, SEO hosting groups will continuously write copy for your website so that there is always fresh and new content being posted to your page. Stale pages that go long periods of time without update current content or adding new content typically see their ranking in search engines fall regardless of how optimized their existing content is.
  2. The second, and perhaps more helpful, service SEO hosting companies offer is creating a marketing campaign for your website on other websites as well. They will procure other IP addresses different from your own website. This will allow your website to be linked on multiple other websites which the algorithms of search engines will reward with higher placement on their pages.

You can think of this as being more “buzz” about your website across the internet and thus search engines are more likely to lead people in the direction of your online business. Depending on their exact services offered, some SEO hosting companies will also offer a few hours of consulting which includes suggestions about things that you can do one your own to further improve your website. Their backgrounds usually include web development and may even be able to help improve the aesthetics of your website at no additional cost.

The cost of an SEO hosting service can vary greatly depending on the exact skill sets that you are looking for them to perform for you as well as the amount of access you will have directly to a contact person.

The most basic form of servicing can run you in the neighborhood of $150 per month while the most robust and comprehensive service on the order of $450 per month. While this may seem high you can think of it like this: How many more sales would you have to make per month in order to cover this cost? If what you sell online is more expensive, it may not take any additional sales in order to cover the cost of this service. If this service would increase sales far more than the monthly cost of the SEO hosting then it would certainly be a worthwhile investment. A good practice is to start with a more basic service and as you see it improving traffic to your website you can spring for the more expensive yet more comprehensive services. Online business owners who are serious about increasing sales may have to seriously consider implementing an SEO hosting service in the near future.